I believe that every human being has the power of healing from within, but sometimes the key is lost and it is difficult to activate this process of healing. During the consultation, I help the person to find the key and opens the door for healing. We use all tools to find the key, e.g. talking or walking therapy, physical exercises, breathing, meditation, and many other techniques.


Short story

Sash, an accomplished Master of Yoga has a teaching practice of more than 30 years with more than 20000 hours of teaching. Whilst a student in India studying psychology at the University of Poon he also confirmed his Yoga with Iyengar at his Institute of Yoga.Yoga was also his topic of research when conducting his masters in clinical psychology at the Catholic University of Louvain.Yoga is his full-time life calling. He has taught Yoga and spread its light to thousands of students, teaching in health clubs like Aspria, David Llyods,in the European Commission and the European Parliament. He takes students for retreat and Yoga vacation to India and other places such as Greece and Mallorca. As a Master (acharya) he began to instruct yoga teachers with his own curriculum as of 2010. Many students have turned to Sash for spiritual counseling, yoga therapy, and coaching. His classes are deeply spiritual and connect to the deep body and Self. Health clubs and Yoga teachers alike often invite Sash lecturer and speaker on Yoga and the art of living. He has shown the power of advanced Asanas in numerous public demonstration. Sash is a member of the Assocation Belge des Enseignants et Pratiquants deYoga.

Talk with Sash

One philosophy

Gnothi seauton - Know Yourself

I believe that every human being born as a little Bouddha, Jesus or Lao Tzu and very soon lose it by the age of six or seven. Then the journey to find back the same spot will start and recognize the place for the first time. That is our spiritual journey. If we want to save ourselves from sufferance and even on a bigger scale, the planet, there is only one way and that is to know the Self.
" Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world" Ramana Maharishi

Three points

If you encounter some obstacles in your life, you don't know which direction to take or having some symptoms and would like to work out, you can give a call or just write down your question. I will try to answer as soon as possible or fix an appointment. I suggest the three-way of consultations.

Walking therapy

Walking Therapy offers an innovative and holistic approach to counseling that equips clients with the tools they need to become more solution-focused. Taking place within a naturally therapeutic outdoor setting, it combines physical exercise with counseling, psychotherapy, mindfulness, and coaching.

Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy: if the patient has pain or suffering different symptoms we can have Yoga therapy consultation, this takes place in my practice, we will use props and differents technics to activate the healing process from within.

Office Yoga

Santidas Office Yoga, are the series of postures designed for the office people and could practice easily in the office environment. Yoga is the study of MBA; Mind and Body Administration. The practice of yoga in the office could help employees to stay healthy and efficient in their work. You can call for an offer: +32485729779Classes are in French and English.